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Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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How to open strong Instagram account for yahoo and bomb client

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Instagram is one of the best sites to meet rich Clients but unfortunate many yahoo guys don’t know about this, its a big secret i want to reveal to you all on How to open strong Instagram account for yahoo and bomb client for free.

I have receive several complains about Instagram not working for hustlers, so i will be dropping the tips am using here ever since Facebook started massive ban of fake accounts.. I will list problems you may likely to face while using Instagram and how to solve those problems.

Problems yahoo boys faces using Instagram

Banned account/ip

Many guys keeps complaining that they are unable to create new Instagram account or even after creating it will be blocked instantly,if this is happening to you then your ip might have been blacklisted from using Instagram.

Also Read FBI yahoo format – threaten your old clients to pay you through Blackmail

Message sending fail

You try sending a client message but it keeps marking red i.e not sending, don’t worry its not only you that is facing that problem, if you are among the persons in this categories then you have the solution here. This issue always occurs when you try sending a foreign account Message, while your ip is reading Nigeria or Ghana.

Client not replying

This is the most painful part of it all, after creating account and uploading your pictures, now you message more than 20 persons after 24hrs non of them replied your text, some of them may even blocked you after seeing your message requests.

Solutions to run successful Instagram yahoo account.

VPN/ RDP connection

VPN which means A virtual private network is used to hide your true identity and IP location, and this is the solution if your account is always being banned/blocked or your message not sending, and also those who finds it difficult to open new Instagram account,use a strong vpn and your account will last for long.

I recommend premium paid Vpn like Nord, ip vanish , windscribe, express vpn e.t.c after you download connect to countries like USA or UK.

Fake profile

have you been sending messages to Instagram users and many of them are not replying? 90% reasons is because your profile account looks fake and for this reason many users you messaged will blocked and report your account after checking your profile, make your profile to look real and rich..

How to make your Instagram account look real:

for you to open strong Instagram account for yahoo and bomb client it must look real.

  • Use A real Name including full name and username
  • Update your profile picture with real photo
  • Update your profile bio. With information about you
  • Upload lots of photos with location and a better caption
  • Upload like 5 different videos of the person you are using with captions
  • Have plenty followers.
  • Upload things like status/image/video in your stories.

  • pages to follow on Instagram to get clients.

    we have lots of account and pages on instagram, Millions of persons are using Instagram on daily, both rich and poor , ugly and fat, also legit persons and fraudsters (yahoo boys) posing like american citizens, if you are not careful you will keep on adding and messaging the unserious persons at the end no gain. So i will be listing pages you will follow for sure clients.

    As soon as you follow this pages and ur profile is already set, turn on your notifications for each of them, anytime they make new post rush to the post and drop a nice lengthy comment, keep doing this and you will see changes, many users will follow you and many will like your comments , with this your account is getting stronger.

    also on the post check those that commented, check their profile if it looks legit then follow them and drop a message.

    How to detect scammers and fake account on Instagram

  • They profile is always fake
  • They have few followers and follows many persons
  • They always have few picture and videos
  • 80% of them uses naked girls pictures in they profile
  • many of them will be first to message you up.

  • how to get lots of followers on Instagram

    The method i use for this Instagram account for yahoo and bomb client is through advert. With $20 you can upload your post picture and videos , run advert for it on Instagram and it will reach more than 100k users, with this you are sure to get upto 10k followers.

    Do you have problem on using instagram for yahoo? What challenges are you facing? Kindly drop your comments.

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