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Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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20 legit business to do and make millions of money in Nigeria

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Dear hustle updates readers, we have an interesting topic for you all today,and what is this and why is the topic interesting? Well,we are about to show you 20 legit business to do and make millions of money in Nigeria, we mean 100% legit business not even yahoo.

This businesses may look low and underrated because of the kind of society we are but the intelligent few persons are already making lots of money from it here in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Who and who can do this businesses?

The below businesses we listed below is not restricted to any set of persons ,any individual who is ready to make lost of money through self-employed can do this business,also both educated and non educated can participate,your degree or school certificate is not needed here.

Where can this business be done?

The business is not only for Nigerians both Ghana, Togo, Niger, and other parts of Africa can indulge in this and make cool money.

Below are list of business to do and make millions of money in Nigeria.

  • Metal scraps business
  • As the name sounds, The business is all about moving from place to place looking for condemned iron metals to buy and resell to factories,the good thing about it is that you don’t have to spend your own money as all you needed to do was to act as an agent between buyers and sellers.

    Their are lots of metal recycling factories scattered across the country you can sell this scraps to,with just 2-3 successful deals you will be on your way to hitting your first million.
    Listen this scrap business is not the kind you always see dirty aboki in your neighborhood doing NO! we are talking about buying and selling scraps like condemned trucks,ships, aircraft, caterpillars, industrial machines,tanks, containers,steel pipes or rods.

  • Mini Importation
  • Its all about buying mini goods from developed countries like china, USA, UK, Turkey, Russia e.tc. and selling it here in Nigeria, in our other offline thread we mentioned this mini importation too reason is that the business is very lucrative and most especially the start up amount budget is not that much.

    With #50000 or $150 you can easily start a mini importation business,all you need is orientation about the business,what and what is involved,best place to buy, time to buy and sell.
    The market to sell your goods is much open if only you import high demanding goods that can solve human needs. We call them “hot products”

    You can use Facebook,Instagram,jiji,WhatsApp to market your goods and reach out to the general public.

  • Undiluted designer perfume oils
  • Selling of undiluted designer perfume oils to the public can fetch you good sum of money, with the country situation Everyone wants to scent a million dollars on a low budget!,this little canned perfumes performs wonders been spared in the body, the scent last for a long time and cost of it is very low, so imagine buying this in bulk and start supplying it from place to place.
    You can sell out all of them without owing a store.

  • Buying and selling of woods
  • This involved buying woods in large quantity and reselling it to company that needs its especially those Chinese guys working in big factories and also those that export timbers to outside countries,You can always make half a million after every deal, though the work is a bit stressful and requires your time and also you must be ready to be traveling around the country as the business requires this.

    Also you can buy loots of charcoal in wholesale and sell out to big factories.

  • Organic skincare products
  • Do you no you can make millions producing and selling skin care products like Natural cream,perfume,liquid soap, e.t.c you don’t need much capital for this with little as 50k you can start wholesale productions and starts supplying stores and supermarkets.
    You can also add insecticide chemicals produce and supply.

  • Buying and selling of foodstuffs
  • let me reveal to you this lucrative business, many are making money from foodstuffs, like buying them from northern states at cheap price and selling them in developed cities round Nigeria.
    Make enquiries about the prices of onions bag in the north and compare it with the price in your area to see difference.
    Truth is that foodstuffs like rice, beans,onions,carrots,yam,sweet potato,fish are very cheap in the north,so think about this.

  • Boutique business
  • Its now treading everywhere since Young men and women wants to look good in low budget,opening a boutique is not bad, your budget should be upto 150k for start .
    Your buying location should be lagos as things like clothes, shoes and other fashion items are cheap.

  • Selling of human hair
  • Ladies love looking good all time, especially wearing human hairs, so think about selling pure human hair at low budget, buy directly from lagos importers and at time goes on you will be introduce to buy directly from manufacturers.

  • Learn A Skill
  • Having a skill of your own is not bad, even if you are a graduate,with your skills you can be self employed,you can go into fashion design,interior design, web design,programming,phone repair,hair dressing,blogging e.t.c

  • Solar installation and maintenance
  • Gradually Solar system is taking over as means of electricity,people are investing in solar power now more than before.
    So learning productions of solar panel,installation and maintenance is a wise decision.

  • CCTV installation
  • Everybody is security cautious,know one wants to loses his property and with CCTV installation the risk can be reduce,learn how to installation CCTV , recommend it to offices,supermarket,car owners and make your cool money.

    With the above business listed, which interest you? Drop your comment about anyone you need to go into.

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