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Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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Frequently Question About Tony Elumelu Foundation | See Answer

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Recently i have been receiving some questions about Tony Elumelu Foundation Programme entrepreneurship funds,and i have made this post to answer all general.

meanwhile let me explain the program once again!
TONY ELUMELU FOUNDATION (TEF) is an initiative of Dr Tony Elumelu – The Chairman of United Bank For Africa (UBA) to help support African Entrepreneurs for the purpose of developing the African.

Every year,the foundation opens up her application portal for smart entrepreneurs with viable ideas to apply.

Frequently Questions asked And Answers

Question : is it Ok to get closer to the number of words when answering each questions?

Answer : Yes please,It’s okay to get closer to the number of words. My friends that applied either use the exact number of words or almost.

Question: What idea can i use ?

Answer: I will recommend you get your unique idea. My idea was easy for me because i had a story around it.
So you need an idea you can build a story around because you will be asked your motivation – In that case,you will have to share an incident that pushed you to starting such business or floating such idea, Go with what commensurates with you.

Question: my business is not registered do you think its wise to proceed with the registration?

Answer: you can proceed with the registration without a registered business but having a registered business is an added advantage.

Question: Do l need to print out the form?

Answer: Fill the form on Microsoft word first. Then copy and paste into your online application form.

Question:Is it important to use some sort of professional profile image?

Answer: you can use your normal picture.

Question: what is the secrets of wining Tony Elumelu Foundation Programme funds?

Answer: don’t even think there is a secret to winning it honestly but i know there are things that will increase your chances of winning it.
Things like

  • Having a good innovative idea
  • Writing a well-detailed professional application without grammatical errors.
  • Being a graduate or at least in school
  • Having certifications or having undergone basic trainings related to your idea
  • Submitting your well-completed application very early.
  • Question: What does it mean for your Idea to be INNOVATIVE?


  • It has to provide solution to at least one of the MDGs
  • Brings in profit.
  • Can be enhanced with technology to reach more audiences
  • It’s scalable
  • Question: How much is the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme ?

    Answer: TEF Entrepreneurship Programme offers to successful participants a cash benefit of $5000.

    Question: How can i register TEF Entrepreneurship Programme

    Answer: visit the official website portal

    Do you have any question about Tony Elumelu Foundation program ? Kindly drop your comments and we will answer them all.

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