Start T-shirts / Polo business with 20000 - make lots of money -
Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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Start T-shirts / Polo business with 20000 – make lots of money

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Mini business opportunity is here again for you to make a lots of money,this is for everybody including fresh graduates, a nursing Mother,unemployed, undergraduate,and even uneducated once as long as you are Ready to make money.

Now let me open your eyes on this legit business you can start without having a shop,with low capital and you will make a lots of money here in Nigeria,with just #20000 you can start this business.

Am Talking about T-shirts and polo business (unisex),this business have been lucrative in Nigeria because everyone wears T-shirt or polo either for staying at home,going to work or school and any casual outing. So how about you starting this business,buys from wholesalers that is the importers or manufacturer and selling it each in your neighborhood,work place or market.

The goals of me showing you this business idea is for those who don’t have enough capital to start business, those without shops and undergraduates looking for ways to make quick money.

Advantage of T-shirts / Polo business In Nigeria

Little capital to start.

Every business needs a good capital to start but in this T-shirts / Polo business you just need like #20000 to start,isn’t that nice,so no need of thinking how to get big amount of capital.

Start without shop

This T-shirts / Polo business can be open without you owning a physical shop, so remove stall renting as you can store the shirts in your apartment and deliver to any buyer.

Easy to sell

Almost everyone wears T-shirts and Polo so you don’t need to worry on who will buy your stocks,you can sell to your church members,class mates, neighbors, friends,post it on your social Media account like Facebook,Instagram and WhatsApp and buyers will locate you!

How you make money in T-shirts / Polo business

One bundle of Indian T-shirts/polo is 8500 Naira we are talking about new and quality ones,in each bundles you have 10pieces and you are sell #1500 or more for one piece depending on your location and packaging. So if you are selling at #1500 each you will be making #6500 in each bundle,

Tips to keep your T-shirt stocks

Always try to avoid sun light close to the cloth.
Number one enemy of fabrics is sunlight, sunlight causes your fabrics to fade, so find a covered environment to shade your market,don’t expose it much to sunlight.

As time goes on, you can include jean, shoe and other products to increase your sale.

Do you want to start this business? With just #20000 you can start earning upto 15k weekly without stress. Kindly drop your number and i will direct you on how to get started.

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