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Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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Businesses to invest if you have upto 10 millionaire in Nigeria

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Hustlers readers am here today for another business opportunity revelations that you can invest on,this particular businesses are for those who have upto 10 million and could like to open a large scale businesses with it.

Persons have been asking “what Businesses to invest if you have upto 10 millionaire in Nigeria” when am here to reveal it for you. This businesses are all legal and profitable and i bet you within a year you will make 100% profit of your investment. Below are

Businesses to invest if you have upto 10 millionaire in Nigeria

Real estate Business.

When we mention real estate we are talking about investing in lands and properties,real estate involves buying and selling of lands,houses and other appreciative properties.
To start this just get a lawyer,look for lands in developing areas like Simawa land, ijebu lekki and others,buy 4 or 5 plots of land,do the whole document and go home.. A year or two you could sell those lands ×2 of what you bought them.

Bakery business.

Bakery is all about making breads and everything related to flour,bread is one of the most purchased foods daily in Nigeria either villages or cities,the demand for bread is very high. So if you have upto 10 million why don’t you open a bakery business,lets see some bread down of it.

For a bakery business you need,a baking store,baking oven,at least 4 works, and other materials like flour,nylons and transportation e.t.c

Scrap metal business.

With 10 million you can start a scrap metal businesses,this involves looking for old and condemn trucks, big tanks, ships,tractors air craft And so on.. This business is very lucrative,you can also open a warehouse where you can be buying scraps and be storing,use the aboki’s to pick condemned metals for you and pay them.

Transportation business

buy A standard bus that will be running state to state e.g from lagos to edo state and all. You can start with 2 buses and before you know,everywhere don burst,also you can start car importation business,buy some tokunbo cars and resell them.

Groundnut production

When i say groundnut production,i mean having a factory where you can produced anything related to groundnut like Groundnut oil,Kulikuli, groundnut cake meals for feeds,Groundnut flour, Roasted and salted groundnuts,Groundnut confectionery.

Phone and laptop business

Have u thought of going into mobile phone and laptop selling business? With 10 millionaire you are good to go. This amount can get you a standard plaza were you can start a phone business.

You can still meet the top guys in the business,big brands like tecno, infinix they will give you products to sell and payback later.

Pure water production.

If you are looking for a business to startup and you have upto 10 million the pure water and bottle water production is good to go. Water is one thing everyone needs before foods, despite the number of water factory around us yet is not even enough to satisfies the general public. When you open a pure water company needs for you to advertise your products is not much,the market is open for you to sell every of your times.

In case you dont like any of this businesses or you dont have upto 10million kindly check out Businesses you can start with 100k below

Also if you need guides on how to start this business just drop your Contact information in the comment box and we will Message you.

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