Fake video call apps - voice cloning softwares for yahoo scam -
Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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Fake video call apps – voice cloning softwares for yahoo scam

Fake clone video app for yahoo
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Dear Hustle updates readers aka (yahoo boys) here comes another updates on the hustle matter,i have been receiving lots of messages consigning the trust issues you guys are facing with your clients (maggas) about video calls and voice calls.

You see one thing is for you to have Client another thing is for the Client to trust you,when he or she is having benefit of doubt my dear forget it,that client wont pay any dime,this can happen either in dating, lotto, military,or any other yahoo working formats you may think of. Doing a video/voice calls with your clients is the highest way to build trust in his or her eyes and capture the heart.

My fellow Gee boys keep messaging me on how to make fake video calls with their clients or that the magga is demanding for their videos,so today i have come to your rescue,i have been revealing the methods me and my boys uses to cashout in my hk and i will also reveal to you the tools/software we use in making fake video calls,bug before then lets see

Important of making fake video calls in yahoo

Trust issue:

This is one of the reasons you needs this yahoo fake video call app/software, no matter how many text or grammar you used for her,he or she will be doubting you especially those that have experience scam before,but when you do video calls with the clients time to time then you are building the greatest trust that will last forever.

camera love making

this is for those using yahoo dating, military and also sugar mummy /daddy formats,for your love to grow stronger and win her heart,you can actually start making love in the camera with your clients by using this softwares,remember this is a fake video call so you can be showing him or her you bodies with the face of the picture you are using to chat.

Identifying scammers

With yahoo video call software you can easily identify a without wasting your time chating with them,I remember when i start street work,i always have this issue of adding and chating with my fellow Scammers,especially those using female pictures to work, after months of chating with them then you could realise that they are all scammer,with this software each time you add any Client, after the first messages request for a video call and if after the call both of you will know who is legit or not.

How fake video/voice cloning app for yahoo works

This fake video and voice software works in a away that it will help you change your voice to american or Asian accents and also change your face to look like the picture you are using to work,what i mean is that the white man’s picture you are using for yahoo work,they is a section in the software that you will upload it,and you can select any voice you want,when you plays the camera the face of the white man will be showing instead of your face,and also your voice will change to the one you selected.

This cloning app is what real big boys are using including me, it have been Restricted in many countries because people are using it for fraud and evil. This software was developed for us by a China programmer though its costly but we have made it affordable for you guys.

the yahoo video/voice cloning app can be use for

  • WhatsApp video calls
  • Facebook video calls
  • Imo video calls
  • Skype video calls

  • The cost of this video cloning software is 20k (Twenty thousand naira) $80

    Remember you can only get this software from us,and nobody can give you elsewhere.

    Those who have already purchased the software can testify to its potency,i bet you this is a powerful tool for yahoo and few persons are enjoying it..

    for those that needs this software to buy it the cost is 20k (Twenty thousand naira) $80 message me on whatsapp +19782331435

    clicl here to message me on WhatsApp

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