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Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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Yahoo properties investment format : rental scam

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This Yahoo properties investment format is all about posing as a landlord or a property owner listing your houses and others for rental or for sell. This rental scam can be carried out in many online websites like or,with this both tenants and landlords are the actual target.

We have 3 categories of rental scam format.

you disguise as an individual renting out property.

In this category,you the individual (yahoo boy) will be acting as a property owner/landlord and you have to list your property for rent because you are out of the country for some reasons,maybe because of your job or because you are a military personal working in another country.

Also you will let the tenant know that the house keys are with you and he must pay first month’s rent to be sent by Western Union,Moneygram or Bitcoin before you can send him the keys of the house through courier service. To make this real you have to asked for the aspiring tenant’s id card and some questioning.

you disguise as property agency.

In this method you will be a middle man between a real landlord and a real tenant,all you need to do is to visit rental websites,copy photos of the properties listed and also the details of the landlord.

You contact the landlord telling him how your agency can help in renting out his property to tenants,and also you look for tenants schedule a visit date between them,during time for payment you collect the money.

you disguise as a tenant/buyer

Here you acts like a tenant,contact a property owners or landlord asking him to rent his house to you,the trick here is that you will offer to send him a fake check (often from a “relative” or business),and ask him to cash the check and send part of the money to another person by Western Union, using an excuse such as an accidental overpayment.
If you are using this formats its advisable you acts fast before the check is discovered to be fake.

Tools needed for Yahoo properties investment format

Usa phone Number.

In this format its important you have a USA phone number for both WhatsApp and texting,with this your profiles should looks real and be trusted by your victims. They are many ways to create USA number but of you can’t then contact me for an affordable prices.

Property listing sites

This is where you will post your properties e.g houses,shops,cars e.t.c for rent/sell,also as an agency you post here that you help people sell their properties or rent it out and the last you disguise here as a tenant looking for property/house to rent.

The are many property listing sites like:

  • Documents and id cards

    This is to show that your identity and property is legit and ready to be given out,this documents contains the whole information about the property and also the approval of governments including the pictures of it,while the id cards will carry your face and your personal details.
    With Photoshop you can create this things.

    below is example of Yahoo properties investment format writeup

    hanks for your interest in my property and still open long-term also short-term and Month to month, 3, 6, 9, month lease also 1 yr to 2 yr lease and I have questions for you, but I enjoy meeting people from different cultures, I love to travel, singing, acting, I like to exercise, cuddle up with a good book or DVD and again I really like sports and cooking, Love Deep muses, Surrealism, Philosophy, esp. Eastern, Anthropology (was Major), adore nature, kids & animals, I am the owner of my property, I lost my husband in Auto Crash 2 years ago left me 2 kids and I inherited property’s from my late husband, so you are renting it directly from me

    Do you need it for how many months?

    Do you want it furnished or unfurnished?

    Do you have a special check-in date in mind?

    Do you have any pet?

    Fully private no sharing of anything with anybody, clean with no damages, the property is in a safe and quiet neighborhood and close to all attractions in the neighborhood and you can see it cheap, because you are renting it directly from the owner, cleaning, utilities and tax already included in rental fees.

    Security deposit (Refundable Fees): $500

    Fully Private Furnished not shared, it’s 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom but I used one bedroom as storage for a tenant that wants it unfurnished and they can keep stuff there and i rent it out as 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, so it fully private and nothing to share and the property is as seen in pictures.

    Note: The Security deposit is 100% refundable fees when you are checking out in cash.

    Mrs. Elena Atkins

    1085 Tasman Dr

    Sunnyvale, CA 94089

    another writeup format

    Nice to hear from you!
    I am the owner of the apartment, situated in: Horstweg 41, 14059 Berlin, Charlottenburg, Deutschland.

    Floor area: 48,50 m²
    Rooms : 1
    Bedrooms: 1
    Bathrooms: 1

    The apartment is fully furnished and renovated. You can use my furniture but I can remove it if you want to use yours.
    The monthly rent price is 500 EUR, including all utilities (gas / electricity / phone / cable / internet / heating/ 1 parking space available ). The apartment is in good condition, clean and ready to use. The kitchen is fully equipped.
    In the apartment you find a refrigerator, a freezer, a washing machine, a dryer, an iron, an oven, a toaster, coffee maker, Internet access and Wi-Fi access. Pets are allowed. The apartment has public transport near and not far away of shopping center, and other amenities.
    I have the apartment since 2014 and I lived there until last year, then my work contract ended and I returned home to Roma, Italy.
    I am interested in a long-term tenant because I don’t have plans to move again in Germany.
    We are from different countries so it’s very difficult for me to find a reliable tenant.
    Only if you are really interested please contact me to arrange a meeting.

    Thanks for your time!

    the billing formats is always through western union or use bitcoin.

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